Python skill and web development in Python/Perl/tcl Tutorial

Python coding guide

Python Advance topic


Create class dynamically in Python
Python Class Attributes: An Overly Thorough Guide 

Class vs static methods in Python 

Python course
MIT has conduct this program as undergraduate. This tutorial has all essential information
along with nice example. 

A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python
Python for begineer by Corey Schafer

Python Interview Question

Python tutorial
Python Short Notes
Python Essential Referance (Third Edition nice Book :))

Python Programming
Beginner to Guru

Google Python Course 
Python Exercise
  • Python Challenge - a series of puzzles you can try to test your Python abilities 
  • Project Euler - additional programming challenges you can try once your Python knowledge becomes stronger; problems are sorted by increasing difficulty 
  • Coding Bat - problems you can solve within an online interpreter 
  • Codewars - improve your skills by training on real code challenges  
Python Project
Learning Python (Book)
  •  Dive Into Python - another survey of Python syntax, datatypes, etc.
  • Think Python by Allen Downey - a good general overview of the Python language. Includes exercises. 
  • Reserved Keywords in Python - don't use these as variable names 
  • PEP 8 - Style Guide for Python Code - learn what is good and bad style in Python 
  • CheckIO - learn Python by exploring a game world 
  • Invent with Python - develop your Python skills by making games or hacking ciphers
  • Codecademy - learn Python by building web apps and manipulating data; interactive tutorial sequence 
  • Wikiversity - a series of lessons 
  • Python Tutorial - from the 
  • Python Tutor - interactive tutorial sequence of exercises
  Python  Debugging
  • Python Tutor - an excellent way to actually visualize how the interpreter actually reads and executes your code 
  • DiffChecker - compares two sets of text and shows you which lines are different 
  • Debugging in Python - steps you can take to try to debug your program

General Tutorial

Intro to HTML and CSS
Java Script Basic
 How to use GitHub
Programming foundation with Python
Web development
Intro to Design of Everyday Things 
cloud computing Tutorial 
Django Book
How to Use Python Django Form
Django websites with source code

Basic Question